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What are the main features of Chicken Slaughtering equipment

Chicken Slaughtering equipment can automatically slaughter poultry, and can also automatically remove feathers from poultry. This equipment is called chicken slaughtering equipment. Using this equipment to slaughter poultry can slaughter chickens, ducks and geese, and it is very clean, fast and hygienic.
28 2023/03

Poultry Slaughterhouse machine slaughtering process and workshop planning

Poultry Slaughterhouse machine is widely used in life, so the following will take you to understand its slaughtering process and workshop planning.1. The slaughtering process follows the processing sequence of waiting for slaughter-hanging birds-stunning-slaughtering-bleeding-scalding-depilling-evisceration-cooling-separation processing-etc.
20 2023/03

Poultry Slaughterhouse machine equipment prices and how to buy

The Poultry Slaughterhouse machine manufacturer tells you that different businesses generally require different equipment in the process of doing business, so sometimes you must consider more related issues in the use of the machine, so that it will help you Will it be bigger, is the price of poultry slaughtering equipment high? Where is it cheaper to buy?
08 2023/03

How often the Slaughterhouse machine should be inspected

Poultry slaughter machines are based on regular inspections, carried out weekly, supplemented by maintenance overhauls.
28 2023/02

How to improve the utilization efficiency of Slaughtering machine

Slaughtering machine can be seen in all major food factories. At present, there are more and more slaughtering equipment factories in the market, and slaughtering machines are widely used. How to improve the use efficiency of slaughtering machines?
20 2023/02

Why does the Slaughterhouse machine need to be checked before use

Before we use Slaughterhouse machine equipment, we always encounter equipment failures, or encounter some unexpected situations during use. In fact, this is because we did not check the equipment carefully before using it.
14 2023/02
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